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Thursday, December 23, 2010

tour to Overview East Nusa Tenggara INDONESIA

Overview East Nusa Tenggara [selayang pandang nusa tenggara timur]

Pantar Strait is a sea
that separates the island of Alor and Pantar Island. Recorded, on average there were 100 visits of foreign tourists per year who come to dive Pantar Strait Marine Park. Since the economic crisis hit, in 2001 recorded 187 diver, but next year only 109 divers. This figure is arguably quite small considering the potential Pantar Strait marine park is very large. Marine tourism Pantar Strait Marine Park has stunning panoramic underwater so to be excellent and the teaser for the divers from around the world. The beauty of the marine park surrounding the waters of the Strait Pantar Alor Besar, Alor Small, Dulolong, Crocodile Island, Pulau Kepa, Ternate Island, and Temple Island. B. Noted privilege, there are 26 point dive (diving spot) are charming tourists. To-26 point of diving is like, Half Moon Bay; Peter `s Prize; Crocodile Rook, Cave Point, The Edge; Coral Clitts; Baeylon; The Arch; Fallt Line; The pacth; Nite Delht; Kal` s Dream: The Ball ; Trip Top; The Mlai Hall; No Man `s Land: The Chatedral; School` s Ut; up to the point of diving Shark Close. The last dive point is very interesting because it is a collection where the shark is very friendly with the diver. In this park can also be found dolphin gray which is a rare species. C. Location Pantar Strait marine park is located in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara Province. D. Towards Access LokasiWisatawan could come from Kupang, the ferry ride and takes about 12-13 hours, heading Larantuka. Then continue the journey by wooden boat to the seaports Kalabahi with travel time about 1 hour. In front of Kalabahi port, which is located in Alor Islands, stretching Pantar Strait Marine Park. E. Flights MasukSetiap visitors are not charged admission. F. Alor archipelago AkomodasiDi available restaurants, lodging, tour guides, and souvenir trade Pantar Island


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